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Claims processing

  • Notification from owner

    Processing of the case begins when a claim for damages is received by NTI. Damages are reported electronically through a notification button in the upper right corner of the NTI website. It is important to provide the most accurate information to ensure the fair processing of the case. Deliberate inaccurate or incomplete information from the owner may result in him/her losing all rights to compensation by NTI. *

    * See Article 120 of Act no. 30/2004 on insurance contracts

  • Case sent to loss adjusters

    Loss assessment for NTI is carried out by independent and impartial adjusters who work independently. NTI has entered into agreements with four engineering firms that handle the loss assessment, Efla, Mannvit, Verkís and VSÓ Consulting.
    Before conducting a loss assessment, adjusters contact the registered owners of the property (or a contact for the damage if they have been registered) to book a time for loss inspection. The owner of the property or his representative is always entitled to attend a loss inspection.

  • Writing the loss adjustment report

    After a loss inspections has been carried out, the adjusters write a loss adjustment report and deliver it to NTI. The report usually takes about 3-5 weeks, although it is dependent on the current case load, the scope of individual cases and the number of cases being processed by NTI at any time.

  • Results introduced

    Once the loss report has been delivered to NTI, it is sent to the owners of the property for introduction. Owners are given the opportunity to present their view on the content and result of the loss report before a decision is made regarding liability and the amount of compensation. NTI reviews submitted objections and assesses whether there is reason to review the existing results in light of them.

  • Decision and settlement

    When the owners have been given the opportunity to make their views known, NTI makes a decision. If a decision involves the payment of compensation, settlement will take place as soon as all necessary information is available.
    If the claimant does not accept NTI's decision, they may refer the matter to the Appeals Committee based on Article 19. in the Act on the NTI within 30 days of the presentation of the decision. See more...

  • Can the case be expedited?

    When the loss report is presented to the owners, a certain deadline is given to the claimants to offer their point of view. The process can be expedited by sending a confirmation from all owners that they have no objections to NTI's results. Otherwise, the case waits until the deadline for comments has passed.
    Electronic communication speeds up the process. It also helps speed up the process if all owners agree to electronic communications and have filled out all the requested information on "My Sites".

  • Can I track the case's status?

    The status of the case can be tracked through "my sites". There you can see where the case is at any given time as well as view the case documents.

  • Who can access information on damage inspections?

    Party to Administrative proceedings (registered owner of the property on the date of notification):
    A party to an active administrative case may receive all documents in the case, other than working documents.

    Others who have a legitimate interest (other registered owners of the property):
    It is permitted to hand over all documents in the case, other than working documents, and documents that contain financial and personal information (e.g. amounts in assessments).

    The public has the right to receive:
    Information may be provided to the public as to whether damage has been assessed or rejected on the property. If damage has been assessed, information may be provided on whether the damage was reported to the local building authorities.

    A proxy may be granted to another to obtain information on assets in accordance with the above. It is, for instance, common for real estate agents to access information about property damage on behalf of owners. Such proxies must contain a clear authorization to access data from NTÍ.

  • Additional damage

    If further damage becomes apparent after a decision has been made in the case, the owner can file an additional loss notification. Additional damage is reported in the same way as new damage, but it must be specified that the notification pertains to additional damages. It is important to report additional damages as soon as they are noticed. Regarding the limitation period, reference is made to the Act on Insurance Contracts, no. 30/2004.