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Utilities, harbours and bridges

The following structures must be insured against natural catastrophes even if they are not insured against fire:

  1. Geothermal heating systems, waterworks and sewage systems owned by municipalities or the government of Iceland.
  2. Harbour installations owned by municipalities or the government of Iceland.
  3. Bridges which are 50 m or longer.
  4. Electric installations, including distributions systems, dams and utility facilities which are publicly owned.
  5. Telephone and communications networks which are publicly owned.
  6. Ski lifts.


Owners must inform NTI of insurance amounts of new structures and additions to older structures before March 1st each year. If not, NTI will extrapolate from previous years using the Icelandic buildings cost index.


If NTI has not been notified of new structures or additions, they are not considered insured by NTI. During development in municipalities, for example, on utilities, it is important to submit information regularly to NTI to ensure that the relevant development projects are covered by NTI's insurance coverage in the event of damage.

Further information on the assessment of the insurance amount can be found in the Regulation on NTI.

The premium is calculated at 0.02% of the insurance amount. The own risk is 2% of each claim, but the minimum deductible for structures is ISK 1,000,000.

Owners have access to detailed rebate prices on "My Sites" and are asked to report changes and additions in that form.